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About Us

J Bar Soap Co was formed due to the owners switch to a less toxic lifestyle. She had switched over all of her cleaning supplies and after months of research decided to start making some of her own products. The company name originated from a play on the creators name, Jayme Barcus.

The "effelant", as Jayme likes call the animal in the company's logo, is included because of the old saying "An Elephant Never Forgets". The sense of smell is linked to the olfactory system in your brain, and with one whiff of a certain scent your memory is triggered, as it will never forget. Which is exactly why we use yummy, pure essential oils and premium fragrances.

And 43 bubbles, well, just because that's Jayme's favorite number!

All handmade soaps are created in small batches using the cold process method. Ingredients are all 100% food grade vegetable oils, organic butters and sustainable ingredients. The cold process method keeps the glycerin in the final product, and each of the bars of soap have residual oils and butters remaining making the soapy lather creamy and moisturizing, not drying of your natural oils.

The full saponification takes place in 24-48 hours after pouring the liquid soap batter into molds. But allowing the bars to cure for 2-6 weeks gives ample time for the excess moisture to evaporate, creating a long lasting hard bar of soap. Hence, each label has a "Best bar after date" listed on the back. And it's also a good practice to increase the longevity of each bar of soap to keep them on a soap saver dish so it can dry between each use and not sit in a puddle of soapy water.

Handmade, hand cut, no preservatives, no harsh chemicals, and absolutely never any animal testing. A bar of soap you can truly feel safe and happy using.

J Bar Soap Co

Jayme Barcus


J Bar Soaps are currently located at the following local retailers in Northwest Indiana.

Chickadee's Gift Shop

6420 US31 S

South Bend, IN 46614


Camellia Cosmetics

7220 Heritage Square Suite 535

Granger, IN 46530


Pure Emerald Salon & Spa

1004 E University Drive

Granger, IN 46530


Steam Couture

1241 E University Drive

Granger, IN 46530


Solace Yoga Studio

620 W Edison Road Suite 132

Mishawaka, IN