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"circular" - flooxa - bamboo toothbrush


Image of "circular" - flooxa - bamboo toothbrush

creative + eco-friendly bamboo toothbrush

an excellent addition to our coal + clay tooth powder

flooxa features custom designs by art students + for every toothbrush purchased, 10% of the proceeds go back to the student artist

++the following taken from flooxa's website++

artist: kimberly ortega
"one of the proper ways to brush our teeth is by gently brushing them in a circular motion or small circular movements. therefore, the given title and use of circles in my toothbrush design. apart from using a basic geometric shape, i also worked with some of the other elements in graphic design, such as: repetition, textures and patterns, size and rhythm."

flooxa toothbrush’s unique product design was created especially to act as the perfect canvas to showcase student artwork + after careful research, we found that clean teeth can be achieved with the simplest of toothbrush designs

the handle is made of 100% biodegradable bamboo, an environmentally sustainable timber + the bamboo is heat-treated for a water-resistant, quality finish and long life

the colorful bristles are made from soft bpa-free nylon + currently, there is no viable plant-based biodegradable material that matches the cleaning effectiveness of nylon

at flooxa, a sustainable, environmentally-friendly product is a goal + the toothbrush wrapper and shipping packaging is made from 100% compostable cardboard and paper + please feel free to recycle or compost

choose from 8 designs

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